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Ripple Effects

Leaf-free Streets Rain Alerts - Sign up! Keeping our streets leaf-free before the rain can have a Ripple Effect on our waters! Sign up to receive alerts reminding you when rain is on the way and it’s time to take action.  Alerts will be sent via text (or email) 1-2 days before a rain event reminding you that it’s time to remove street leaves. Alerts will only be sent between Oct. 1st – Nov. 30th  during peak leaf fall. ***This program is only available to Dane County residents or businesses.***

Leaf-free Streets for Clean Waters

Did you know leaves that collect on our streets every fall can harm our waters?

More than 50% of the annual amount of phosphorus in urban stormwater can come from leaves in the street! When it rains, stormwater flows through leaf piles in streets creating a “leaf tea” that is rich in dissolved phosphorus. This "leaf tea" travels through storm sewers making its way to our lakes, rivers and streams. Too much phosphorus can lead to toxic algae blooms, low oxygen levels and green murky waters, none of which are good for animals living in the water or those of us who use it for recreation.

Join us in keeping streets leaf-free! 

In the fall, timely removal of street leaf litter can reduce the amount of phosphorus in urban stormwater by 80% compared to no leaf removal! Communities across Dane County are working hard to reduce stormwater pollution to protect our waters, but they can't do it alone. You can help!

  1. Safely remove leaves from the street in front of your home before it rains.
  2. Follow your community's guidelines for leaf collection or recycle leaves on your property. Many communities offer curbside leaf pick up or free access to yard waste drop off sites. 
  3. Sign up to receive Leaf-free Streets Rain Alerts this fall (Oct. 1- Nov. 30).  Alerts will be issued 1-2 days before a significant rain event reminding you that it's time to remove street leaves. ***This program is only available to Dane County residents or businesses.***

4. Help spread the Leaf-free Streets message in your neighborhood! Sign up for a yard sign and check out the Leaf-free Streets Toolkit for resources.


Leaf Study

The City of Madison and United States Geological Survey (USGS) are partnering on a study to determine the effectiveness of various street leaf removal efforts in reducing phosphorus to our waters. Click on the video link above to learn more or view the USGS Leaf Collection Study website (USGS)


Municipal Leaf Collection Guidelines

If you rake, follow your municipality's Leaf Collection Guidelines. Contact them for more information.


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