NAdopt a Storm Drain logoEW Dane County Adopt-A-Storm Drain Program

Open to City of Fitchburg, City of Stoughton, City of Sun Prairie,  Village of McFarland and Village of Cottage Grove Residents/Groups

Dane County is partnering with the City of Fitchburg, City of Sun Prairie, City of Stoughton, Village of McFarland and Village of Cottage Grove on an Adopt-A-Storm Drain program. The goal of the program is to build a network of volunteers committed to cleaning the area on and around local storm drains and report back results. Keeping storm drains clean and clear can prevent localized flooding, keep our communities clean and protect our waters. Municipalities are working hard to clean and maintain these storm drains, but they can’t do it alone.storm drain leaves no leaves

If you live in any of the communities listed above, have a storm drain near you and can spare at least 15 minutes a month consider Adopting a Storm Drain. It’s easy!

  1. Open on the Dane County Adopt a Storm Drain app below to sign up.Adopt a Storm Drain App link
  2. Once you sign up you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to select a storm drain near you to adopt.
  3. Select a storm drain to adopt. Please adopt a drain on a local street and avoid busy streets.
  4. Name your storm drain. Be creative, but please choose an appropriate name.
  5. Bookmark your unique Adopt A Storm Drain link to access your account and report cleanings.
  6. At least once a month, but preferably before any large rain event, safely clean the area around your storm drain. See instructions below. 
  7. Report your cleanings. See reporting instructions below.
  8. Keep an eye out and report any pollution or spills near the drain through the app. If there is no rain, nothing should be washing down the storm drain.

All Adopt a Storm Drain volunteers will receive a cleaning kit that includes: a safety vest, storm drain decal to place on their adopted storm drain, dust pan and broom, collection bucket and an Adopt a Storm Drain sticker/window cling to proudly display.  Volunteers will also be included on our Adopt a Storm Drain e-Newsletter, which comes out 3-4 times/year.

Storm Drain Cleaning and Reporting Instructions

  1. Collect your storm drain cleaning tools: Safety vest, broom and dust pan, and collection bucket.
  2. Safety First!- Put on your provided safety vest and if possible try to position yourself so you are looking toward oncoming traffic and clean the area around the storm drain from the curb rather than standing in the street. It helps to have another person watch for traffic too. Only clean drains during good weather and daylight hours.
  3. Using the broom and dust pan clean the area on and around the grate and the curb surrounding the storm drain. NEVER REMOVE THE GRATE. If the drain is clogged and you are unable to clean it, report it using the app or email
  4. Sort and dispose of debris collected in trash, recycling bin or compost bin.
  5. Report your cleanings through the app. Using the unique link to the app provided during sign up report the amount (lines on collection bucket or gallons) and type of materials collected. Please report a cleaning even if there wasn’t any debris to clear

Thanks for helping to keep our communities and local waterways clean!