Downspout Gardensphoto of new downspout garden

Not quite ready to install a rain garden? Downspout gardens are a great, easy way to intercept some roof runoff preventing it from washing down the street into the storm drain and onto our waters. Even a small (5'x5') garden can have a huge impact!

Downspout gardens are small gardens with compost added to the soil that are then planted with native plants or grasses. They are located near the discharge of a downspout and can help roof runoff soak into the soil rather than running off. Downspouts are often directed toward lawns and sometimes even hard surfaces like driveways and walkways.  Urban lawns can become compacted over time due to use and don't allow rainwater to infiltrate very well.  Downspout gardens aren't just a great way to protect our water, but they can add a fun feature to your landscape while also providing needed habitat for wildlife and pollinators.

Downspout Garden Factsheet

Downspout Garden Planting Plans (25 sq. feet)