Your Actions Have Ripple Effects

Protect Dane County Lakes, Rivers and Streams 

2018 Plant Dane Program Offers Dane County a Variety of Options to Protect Area Waters

Whether you'd like to order native plants for your own garden, donate to a school or community garden project, grow plants to donate or learn how to build your very own rain garden Plant Dane can help. 

The Madison Area Stormwater Partnership  (MAMSWaP) is coalition of Dane County municipalities and organizations working together to promote practices that reduce and improve stormwater runoff into Dane County lakes, rivers and streams. Explore our site and discover all the ways you can take action to protect Dane County waters!

Rain that runs off roofs, land and pavement travels through storm sewers and ditches to our lakes, rivers and streams.

Stormwater runoff carries excess nutrients like phosphorus and other pollutants with it, which can fuel algae growth and harm our waters.

The way to protect and clean our lakes and streams is to make sure only rain—and nothing else—goes into the storm drains and ditches!