Partner Resources

Looking to help promote actions that keep rain where it lands and improve the quality of stormwater runoff in your community? The Madison Area Municipal Stormwater Partnership has materials, articles and other resources that organizations or groups can use to spread the message and encourage residents to take action.  Join Us!

Plant Dane logoTarget Audience: Dane County residents, schools, businesses, organizations, gardening clubs, faith groups and others interested in building or expanding rain, pollinator or butterfly gardens. 

Key messages to share:

1.  Native plants add beauty to your property and also provide important ecosystem services such as habitat for local wildlife and improved water quality. 

2.  Native plants act as sponges helping rainwater to soak into the ground preventing stormwater runoff from draining into our lakes, rivers and streams.

3.  Convert a small area of turf or pavement into a native garden or rain garden. ORDER native plants through Plant Dane at only 2.25/plant.

4.  LEARN how to build a rain garden. Sign up for the Virtual Rain Garden Workshop Series (Feb. 16th, Mar. 2nd and Mar. 16th- only $10.

5.  GROW native plants or DONATE funds to purchase native plants for community and school projects.

Tools to help spread the word:

1. Plant Dane web page- add link and logo to organization's web site.

2. 2021 Plant Dane Article- feel free to customize and use in newsletters or local papers.

3. Plant Dane Flyer - contact Christal Campbell for a supply to distribute. 

3. Plant Dane Purchase Plants image

4. "Like" the Ripple Effects WI Facebook page and share Plant Dane related posts. 

leaf-free streets logoTarget Audience: 

Residents and businesses located in densely populated urban areas with a high concentration of large terrace trees (between road and sidewalk).

Key messages to share:

1. Leaves left in the street every fall are a major source of phosphorus to urban stormwater.

2. When it rains water runs through street leaves forming a "leaf-tea" rich in dissolved phosphorus that drains  to our lakes, rivers and streams.

3. Safely removing street leaves before the rain can significantly reduce the amount of phosphorus in urban stormwater- Join us in keeping streets leaf-free this fall!

4. Sign up to receive Leaf-free Streets Rain Alerts this fall- alerts will be sent (via text or email) 1-2 day before a rain event reminding you when it's time to remove street leaves.

Tools to help spread the word:

1.  Leaf-free Streets Yard Signs - signs to encourage neighbors to remove street leaves before the rain. Local sign message- "We're removing street leaves before the rain to protect (Lake Mendota, Lake, Monona, Lake Wingra, Pheasant Branch, Yahara River, etc.), join us!". To request a supply of  signs contact Christal Campbell or (608) 224-3746.

2.  Leaf-free Streets Thank You Packs- These are to be used to recognize residents who remove street leaves before the rain. Packs come in small door hanger style bag and contain a simple thank you note with a few water related postcards.Contact Christal Campbell or (608) 224-3746 for a supply.

3. Leaf-free Streets for Clean Waters web site- add link to organization's web site.

4. Leaf-free Streets Template Article 2020- feel free to customize and use in newsletters or local papers.

5. Flyers and door hangers- contact Christal Campbell or (608) 224-3746 for a supply to distribute. 

6. "Like" the Ripple Effects WI Facebook page and share Leaf-free Streets related posts.

7. Leaf-free Streets Template post- feel free to modify to meet your needs.