Storm Water Videos

Dane Waters: A Reflection of Us All

Request your copy of Dane Waters: A Reflection of Us All

The lakes and streams of Dane County are very important to the people who live and work here. That's why the Madison Area Municipal Storm Water Partnership developed a video that takes a look at storm water issues that affect these precious resources and what we all can do to help improve and protect them.

Copies of the DVD are available to municipalities, libraries, schools, groups, clubs, watershed associations and others in Dane County free of charge. Outside of Dane County, there is a $5 to ship within Wisconsin. There is a $10 charge to ship to other U.S. states. Email your request to

Dane Waters, A Reflection of Us All is part of ongoing outreach to improve Dane County's water resources by reducing negative impacts of storm water from urban areas. Developed by the Madison Area Municipal Storm Water Partnership (MAMSWaP) with grant funds from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the video shows how storm water impacts lakes, rivers and streams in the Madison area and what each of us can do to prevent pollution from reaching these precious resources.

This 26-minute video is perfect for municipal meetings, local cable access shows, garden club meetings, scout meetings, discussion groups and more.

After the Storm

After the Storm, produced by EPA and The Weather Channel, is also available at no charge. To learn more about the 30 minute program and to obtain a copy, visit the EPA's website.